Review: Solve a mystery and escape from a creepy house with Can You Escape

Try and break out of a strange house by solving puzzles and locating various hidden objects.

Can You Escape packs colorful graphics and challenging gameplay into a mystery adventure game. While creepy settings and the occasional ghost make for an entertaining game, there are several aspects of the application that need attention.

Can You Escape installs two separate game icons on your home screen. The game also changes the home page of your Internet browser. In addition to these two annoyances, there are also pop-up notifications, which promote other applications from the developer, as well as pushed advertisements that often appear during the game, which are quite distracting. Upon startup, a small Flash animation displays a short introduction to the story, but more detailed guidance would be very helpful for new players. As it is, you'll probably go through some trial and error as you get your bearings. The goal of the game is to escape from an abandoned house, using items you find along the way. Tapping on certain objects causes them to move or open. Some objects can be added to your inventory and later used in different areas of the house. This game is very challenging as items are often used in conjunction with one another and in specific order to create the desired effect. Unfortunately, the current game does not save, so it needs to be finished in one sitting.

Can You Escape could be a fun game, but the invasive advertising, lack of user guidance, and inability to save a game to finish later are big enough negatives that they really detract from the experience. It is free, though, so if you don't mind the ads and figuring a few things out on your own, you might enjoy this one.

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