Review: Diamond Twister 2 Free is a great Bejewled clone with a decent story mode

Burst diamonds in a Bejeweled-lookalike Diamond Twister 2 Free.

Diamond Twister 2 mashes up familiar three-in-a-row gameplay with a cool story mode and power-ups. It's hard to argue with a game that looks, feels, and is just as much fun as one of the most popular games around. Give it a shot if you're already into other Match 3 games.

This game makes you line up three or more of the same colored jewels to make them explode. Once you do that, it sends more jewels at you to line up until you've beaten the target score. If that sounds like something you've heard of before, it's because it's almost identical to Bejeweled and mirrors Candy Crush, too. The difference is that it doesn't have Facebook Connect and has you compete against computer players in a story mode instead. That mode has you take the role of a Hollywood gossip columnist, which may not be for everyone. As for the game, itself, it features tons of power-ups and gives you hints if you struggle to find the chain. Since your time increases any time you make a chain, you probably won't need them to get through most of Diamond Twister 2 Free's levels.

Though the story mode represents a cool, unique feature, the rest of the game seems to be derivative of other, more popular games. That's not a bad thing -- especially if you're addicted to these three-in-a-row games like many users are. If that's you, Diamond Twister 2 Free gives you a new, smooth way to play that you're sure to enjoy.

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