Review: Big Font Pro(change font size) delivers on its name

Change your Android's font size with Big Font Pro(change font size).

Big Font Pro lets you make your font bigger or smaller and gives you more options than Android's default choices. Sadly, it only works with the fonts already on your Android and doesn't give you any bonus fonts or add-ons. It will give you a bigger font with more size increments than your Android's settings menu, though.

This app lets you control your font size with a sliding scale, ranging from 0 to 200 percent. We were pleased to find that if you use Android's Small, Normal, Big, or Really Big options, Big Font Pro adjusts accordingly. The app's largest setting, 200 percent, is massive and it threw our menus off when we tried it, but we did like having more options on hand for font size. If you make things too large, you can easily reset them to the default. You can also preview any changes before you make them widespread. Whenever you open the app, it hits you with a pop-up ad that begs you to rate the app in the Google Play market; but that's a small price to pay for greater choice.

It's not a game changer, but Big Font Pro is a nifty, useful tool for anyone who has trouble reading Android's default text. If you want more font size options, this is an easy way to get them.

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