Review: Babylon Translator is solid, but not much better than Google Translate

Translate words into any language you want on your smartphone or tablet using Babylon Translator.

Babylon Translator is a one-dimensional app that provides dictionary translations, but it lacks features like spoken pronunciations that would make it truly useful. Though it gives plenty of great language support, it's kind of like a downloadable version of Google Translate or a similar service.

Although Babylon Translator software included a browser hijacker, we didn't find any of the issues with the app. It doesn't try to take over your phone with toolbars and only has one banner ad that you'll hardly notice. It supports translations to and from more than 30 languages, but only through text. You can't scan or speak any words to get a translation. There's no spoken pronunciation guide, either. Since most of the app's services are online, it won't weigh down your phone, but that also means you could just as easily use another service with more features with just a little more effort. The app's layout uses big text and buttons that are easy to read, even if the design isn't very impressive.

While Babylon Translator technically works fine, the ample language support is really the only thing it has going for it. If you just need the written translation of a word, it will suffice. If you need more, you should probably skip this one.

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