Review: 360 Photo Editor offers hundreds of frames

Slide your picture into a hilarious frame using 360 Photo Editor.

360 Photo Editor offers a lot of goofy photo frames, but it's tough to get past the ads and performance issues to get good results. Even if you're able to avoid the dozens of ads the program throws at you, it's still not guaranteed you can add your photos. And despite the name, there aren't a whole lot of editing tools on offer.

Though it has plenty of frames for you to choose from, it also has advertisements all over the place. They'll pop up any time you try to do something in the app and can even sneak their way over to your browser and other places if you're not careful. If you can sneak your photo through the ads, it's unlikely you'll be able to put it into a frame. After several attempts, 360 Photo Editor rejected every picture we tried to use. Even straight-on headshots weren't accepted. The "editor" in the app's name is a little misleading, too, since it doesn't offer any traditional editing features.

Despite its ample amount of frames, there's little fun to be had with 360 Photo Editor. Since the app only does one thing and doesn't manage to do it well, there's little reason to recommend it.

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