Review: 360 Mobile Security- Antivirus looks fantastic and offers real-time protection

Scan and fix virus and privacy issues on your phone with 360 Mobile Security- Antivirus.

360 Mobile Security- Antivirus quickly scans your gadget and fixes any security problems you have. Since it has real-time scanning and cleaning, it's a very useful addition for your phone, but this app goes even further with some helpful extras.

In addition to offering real-time protection that alerts you whenever you install a sketchy app, this program scans your phone for privacy concerns. It scans for "risky" apps, vulnerabilities in your operating system, and other things that might put your phone in jeopardy. A quick scan takes about a minute, but a full scan doesn't take much longer. In our tests, it did find some questionable apps, but it also found unpatched holes in Android that could have led to bigger problems. 360 Mobile Security- Antivirus helps you clean out your memory to boost performance, too. You can use all of its features from the app's gorgeous animated interface or from a taskbar it slides into your status menu. The taskbar even includes a built-in flashlight and a handy menu of recent apps.

This app would be useful even if it didn't have all of those extras, but these bonus features really push it over the top. 360 Mobile Security- Antivirus is a fantastic control center that will protect and optimize your phone for peak performance. If you don't have an anti-virus app already, give this one a try before you check out the other big names.

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