Review: 1Tap Quick Bar gives you status bars that let you do more

Create new status bars for your notification locker using 1Tap Quick Bar.

1Tap Quick Bar creates helpful, gorgeous toolbars that let you control more than Android's default status bar does. It's a lot easier to customize than the navigation bar that's built into many Android phones and tablets, too.

1Tap Quick Bar lets you create custom toolbars to control your phone's features and settings. While many Androids have this feature already, this app lets you create multiple bars and add the shortcuts you want. While it supports some big things like Airplane mode and brightness settings, it also gives you a way to quickly access stuff like your phone's APN settings, font size, specific contacts, games, and everything in between. Though you can only put six items on any one bar in the free version of 1Tap Quick Bar, you can create as many toolbars as you like. You can customize the bars with different icons, colors, and backgrounds. The colors are vibrant and let you match your phone's theme with relative ease.

If aren't happy with Android's default options, 1Tap Quick Bar offers an easy-to-use way to get what you want on a toolbar. It is recommended for anyone who prefers a customized way to quickly access the things they use most.

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