Review: 100tv HD Player offers good playback and format support

Play any video or music file on your Android phone with ease using 100tv HD player.

100tv HD Player will work with just about every video you have, but its menu cuts into your videos more so than with other media players. We also had some issues with installation. These downsides are unfortunate because, at its core, this is one of the better video players you can find for your Android gadget.

We got off to a rocky start with 100tv HD Player. As soon as we opened it, it prompted us to upload a new version. As far as we could tell, this version didn't have any differences from the version on Google Play, other than we had to manually install it. Once the installation was complete, the experience vastly improved. The program scanned all of our folders for media and it only took a few seconds to pull all of our files. 100tv HDTV plays most file formats and can handle audio files, too. It includes a built-in power saver mode that lets you watch multiple videos without losing too much battery. Since the player keeps playing videos until you tell it to stop, that's handy. Though your video will look good with 100tv HDTV Player, the app does have a large menu that blocks a lot of your video and it doesn't go away when you start playing a video. For those that want a fullscreen experience, 100tv HDTV's menu may not be the best choice, but in terms of video quality and ease of use, it gets top marks.

100tv HDTV Player includes great format support, lag-free playback, and good viewing quality. It faces tough competition in the media player world, but it stands up well despite some install issues and a menu that seems overly intrusive.

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