Review: 100 Floors includes many challenging puzzles and nifty ways to play

Solve puzzles to reach the top floor with 100 Floors.

100 Floors looks like a typical unlock-the-door puzzle game, but it adds in some cool gameplay elements that make it unique. It makes you think deeply about what you have to do to advance to the next stage and brings your phone's accelerometer into the puzzle. That and the ability to unlock more levels should be more than enough to keep fans of the genre happy.

If you've ever played any 100 doors game, you'll know what to expect from this one. The goal is to figure out how to open the door using the props, weapons, and power-ups onscreen. In addition to swiping and tapping onscreen elements, some of the things you see can be moved by swinging, tilting, or holding your phone a certain way. You start 100 Floors with a master key to unlock any puzzle, which is helpful for those tough puzzles. Things start to get really difficult early, at about the 15th or 20th door. You have a growing inventory that holds items and you can just tap where you want to use any item. This is helpful, but it's not really intuitive, especially when you're holding multiple items. Outside of these small issues, the game is a decent entry into a very popular genre.

100 Floors has some minor flaws that don't get in the way of it being a fun, addictive game. Give it a shot if you want to get into the type of puzzle action that is dominating the Android charts.

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