Review: Scranagrams is a high-speed anagram solving game for the iOS platform

Unscramble words quickly by dragging and dropping letters to get a high score.

Scranagrams is a fun, quick take on the classic anagrams formula, combining drag-and-drop anagram puzzles with timers and high-score meters. With a clean interface, active timer, and constant feedback on your performance, there are dozens of word puzzles here to keep you occupied for some time.

When you open Scranagrams for the first time you can choose either challenge mode or practice mode. There are also a number of unlabeled icons on the bottom of the screen to change things like sound, difficulty, and more. Labels would be useful here, but you'll probably rarely if ever need these menus. Practice mode will allow you to complete anagrams without a timer so you can test your skills, while challenge mode has you move through puzzle after puzzle on a timer to get as high a score as possible. The difficulty here ramps us as you play and while you don't have the option to play against others, the reward for quickly completing a tough puzzle still feels tangible.

Scranagrams isn't quite on the same level as other top-tier word games like Words with Friends or Scramble, but it's a fun, easy-to-access game that will test your vocabulary and word puzzle solving skills like few others. It's also free and you can enjoy every component here without having to pay. This is a fun game and worth a look for any word puzzle fans.

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