Review: Save Password is clean and easy to use for storing passwords on iOS

Create a password-protected database of log-in information for your social media, banking, and other online accounts.

Save Password is a familiar app in many ways -- using the same basic tools, interface, and features as other password vault apps, but it has a number of features that work quite well. Where other apps in this category often charge you for upgrades and added features, Save Password is straightforward, free, and provides a detailed interface without too many bells and whistles but with everything clearly labeled for quick setup and access.

When you open Save Password for the first time, you must choose a passcode. Unlike the pins that most iOS apps have, this one uses a drag-and-drop drawn password. So make sure you remember your pattern. After entering it twice, you are taken to a list of common online accounts. Tap any and you can enter your log-in details for that online account, or you can tap "Custom Login" and enter one of your own that isn't currently on the list. This is all accessible from a single screen, and while we would like to see additional security features and options for customization, what is here works well.

If you need a bare-bones, easy- and free-to-use password storage app for your iPhone, then Save Password is a good one to download. It doesn't have nearly the level of detail as some other apps in this category and the lack of cloud storage and backups can be a drawback if you have multiple devices, but it works well for single-device tracking of account data.

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