Review: Railroad Tycoon is a pipe flipping puzzle game with a decent layout

Twist and turn pipes and tracks to create your railroad and solve the puzzle.

Railroad Tycoon, at first glance, seems like a basic iOS game with little depth, but as you play and unlock new features, you'll discover a surprising number of puzzles and plenty of challenges. While the first few levels are designed as an introduction to the mechanics of the game, later levels will introduce numerous ideas, strategies, and gameplay elements that will keep you busy for many playthroughs to come.

This is a deep game, but it starts a little slow. As its name suggests, Railroad Tycoon centers on trains and railways. While there is a tutorial, it only covers some of the most basic components of the game -- you are left to figure out the rest and it can be time consuming doing so. From there it's up to you to develop strategies for combining the tracks and making sure every train can reach the stations. The interface is a bit small and sometimes it is not easy to see exactly where your options are, but even so, the game does a good job of guiding you through by only revealing a new element one part at a time.

Railroad Tycoon is a great game, especially if you enjoy puzzle games, anything old-timey or railroad inspired, or games that can be picked up and played for a few minutes while on a commute. The startup time and interface can be discouraging, at first glance, but when practiced and put to use properly, you can get quite a few hours out of your strategies here and the results are quite a bit of fun.

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