Review: Private Gallery locks away your photos and videos behind a password

Create a password or hand-drawn pattern to protect your personal media files.

Private Gallery creates a blocked-off storage folder on your iOS device where you can place personal photos and videos away from prying eyes. The app works as intended, though it does suffer from a slightly messy interface and some limitations in the trial version.

When you first open Private Gallery, you must choose between either a four-digit pin or a hand-drawn password using the familiar 3x3 grid. You'll need this passcode to access the contents of the app anytime you log in from now on. After you choose your password, you can start creating folders, moving images and videos, and hiding them away. All of this works well, but there are some issues. The menus are not clearly labeled, adding videos and images from your library can be cumbersome, and there are no sharing options when you get into the vault, so if you take an image and hide it, it is there until you move it out.

These are small complaints, and while the app is not extremely streamlined and there are some issues with the menu depth (you'll tap down three or four times before finding images or videos), the protection looks good and the setup is straightforward, not requiring a log-in or third-party verification by e-mail. The app is perfect for anyone who wants to store images on their iOS device without anyone being able to see them. It's not great for future sharing, but it works well for current privacy.

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