Review: Photo Look offers familiar tools and sluggish controls for photo editing/sharing

Create, edit, and share your photos with this effective but vanilla photo editing app.

Photo Look is a combination camera, editing, and sharing app that uses a familiar set of free third-party tools. While Photo Look is a decent app and is free to use, there is nothing new or revolutionary here to set it apart from the dozens of other free camera/editing apps on the App Store. If you need something free and easy to use, it will get the job done -- but not a lot more.

When you open Photo Look, like many other apps in this category, you can take a photo or load one from your photo library before editing. The editing menu will take you to the third-party Aviary tool set, which is quite good but is found in dozens of other apps to varying degrees of usefulness. Here the tools are integrated well, but there are no additional functions to be found, and once done, you can use the iOS default save and share menu or you can open it in another photo. Again, this all works well, but there is nothing new being added to make this app more effective than another.

If you have another camera and photo editing app on your phone, then Photo Look will likely offer little new to convince you to use it instead. If you have only the basic iOS camera tools, it is useful and because it is free and there are little or no intrusive ads, it works well. Just don't expect anything beyond the basics.

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