Review: Part Art: Space is a drag and drop ship creator with a fair share of problems

Drag and drop spaceship parts, rotate, resize, and more to create your own ship.

Part Art: Space is a good idea for an app but it's poorly executed in a number of ways -- from a cumbersome interface to washed-out, dated graphics. The result is an app that you want to enjoy, but that rarely delivers on the promises it makes. From limited coloring options to an interface that doesn't fit the screen right, and poor touch mapping for buttons, the app can be more frustrating than rewarding in many ways.

After loading Part Art: Space you can create your first project. Immediately we noticed the wash out of the graphics, making them look dated from an old PC app. After naming your project, you can add new pieces with the "+" button, before maneuvering them into place to form your ship. Moving pieces is done with arrows on the sidebar, but the buttons are small and cramped together; and while some are obvious, others are not, and nothing is clearly labeled. The result is an, at times, frustrating experience because getting parts into the right place feels unnecessarily complicated.

Finishing a ship takes time, and while the parts are broken down by category, it's not always immediately clear what each part is or where it should go on your ship. To be sure, there is a certain satisfaction in finishing a ship and saving it to your device; but the steps needed to get there, combined with the poorly-designed interface and lack of direction make the experience harder and more time consuming than it should be.

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