Review: iExplorer for 500px and Instagram is a great photo search and share tool

Quickly search through photos and share them with people from your mobile device.

iExplorer for 500px and Instagram is a finely-crafted, easy-to-use photo viewing and downloading tool for your iPhone that taps directly into the spirit and style of Instagram. Offering grid-based search and review tools, plus every option you could need onscreen for sharing or saving, and much more, iExplorer is one of the better Instagram viewers outside of Instagram that you will find.

When you load iExplorer for the first time, you can start searching immediately. There are no requirements to get started, and you are never required to log in to Instagram or any other social service to use the tools provided in this app. The result is a fun, full-featured Instagram search tool that works independently of your account. You can search by categories, view user profiles, share images, save them to your device, and much more, all without logging in. If you do log in, you can access the account-only options like marking favorites, sharing, or following someone.

What makes iExplorer such a great app is the combination of tools included for viewing photos. The search interface is designed to showcase images, with two browsing options and a search tool to find images however works best for you. From there, you can do just about anything someone logged in with Instagram can, and in our opinion the interface of this app is better designed for searching images than Instagram's. It's a must-download for anyone who enjoys surfing through and viewing popular photos.

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