Review: Glass Breaker Free is a familiar block-breaking exercise

Tap and break two or more blocks to clear the screen.

Glass Breaker Free uses a familiar gameplay element -- tapping on collections of two or more blocks to remove them from a grid of blocks -- with a nice, visually-pleasing interface to create a fun and often original-feeling game. There are dozens of other versions of this game on the App Store, and each of them has roughly the same mechanics. Glass Breaker is no different, but the presentation here is better than many free iterations and the rewards feel more tangible.

What makes Glass Breaker stand apart are the different game modes and attention to detail that make the app feel more polished and professional. You can play the standard "original" mode, which is literally a tap two blocks to remove them mechanic, or you can play Shift and Action modes. These offer new takes on the gameplay, with new ways of adding blocks to the screen and power-ups like bombs and color wheels. The game really feels new in this way and offers much greater replayability than yet another match 2+ game that ends when you run out of matches.

Glass Breaker has fun, futuristic-style graphics, music, and special effects, three gameplay modes, and high score tracking through Game Center, all for free. There is great depth to be found in this app, meaning you can play many times through and still find something new to try or a new challenge to aspire to. This is a great app if you enjoy block-matching games.

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