Review: Found: A Hidden Object Adventure is one of the better hidden object games

Search for hidden objects on a deserted island as you attempt to survive a plane crash.

Found: A Hidden Object Adventure is a deep, sometimes funny, often challenging hidden object game that forces you to pit your wits against a series of deserted island-themed puzzles. With crisp graphics, a fun storyline, and plenty of game modes to keep you busy, Found becomes a successful app in almost every sense of the word -- pitting your skills at tracking down hidden objects against your iPad's screen.

When you load Found, you'll be treated to a short cinematic and then a tutorial walking you through each step of the process to find hidden objects. Each "level" is timed and you get bonuses for the speed at which you find the items you are looking for. At the same time, you can pick up a series of power-ups and bonuses that make finding those items even easier. The faster you can find the items and the fewer power-ups you need, the higher your score and the better you will perform.

Big Fish is known for their adventure games, and in the case of Found they have integrated those skills of fun storytelling into a classic hidden object-style game very well. With its clear, easy-to-follow interface and a lack of complex menus, and with plenty of tips for how to proceed but enough challenge to make your progress rewarding, this game is a great example of hidden objects done right. If you are looking for a new hidden object game for your iPad, download Found.

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