Review: Empress of the Deep 3 Legacy of the Phoenix HD is a very fun adventure game

Discover the secrets of the empress and her evil twin in this fun, engaging adventure tale for the iPad.

Empress of the Deep 3 Legacy of the Phoenix HD brings a sense of storytelling and adventure to the iPad that perfectly fits the format. Also available in a smaller iPhone-friendly version, the iPad edition is the way to go, with bigger buttons, easier-to-read menus, and better responses when tapping doors, small buttons, etc.

What makes the Empress of the Deep 3 Legacy of the Phoenix HD edition better than the standard edition for iPhone is also what makes the game good. This is an adventure-style game in the classic sense and while there are plenty of such games for the iPad that under-deliver, this one manages to come through with an intriguing story, solid mystery, and enough engaging moments that you feel involved at every step. The larger screen makes small objects easier to find, doors easier to manipulate, movement easier to define, and text easier to read. It's just generally better when it comes to the interface in almost every way, and what was a good story becomes a very good game.

If you enjoy adventure games, interactive visual storytelling, and fantasy-style tales, Empress of the Deep 3 is a game you will likely enjoy. While not free, the trial edition gives you a good look at what the story offers and how the game operates. For those new to adventure games in particular, it's a great way to get your feet wet.

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