Review: Contacts Sync & Transfer is a streamlined tool for managing multiple contact sets

Manage, save, back up, and restore your contacts from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Contacts Sync and Transfer is designed to work around the often cumbersome integration of multiple sets of contacts on your iPhone. With Apple contacts, Google, Facebook, and others all loaded and pulling from the same resources, it can often be hard to find any one person, and restoring your contacts in the future or to a new device can take time as you set up each service. With this app you can back up and restore all of your contacts in a single interface.

When you first load Contacts Sync & Transfer, you will be prompted to create an account. You can do so with Facebook, Google, or Yahoo! depending on which you want to access. The accounts you log in to will allow you to sync between them, effectively loading any contacts from a single source onto all lists. There are also options for cleaning up your contacts, which will remove duplicates, prompt you to fill in any missing information and point out when there are discrepancies between two contacts. If you have an old phone number somewhere, for example, the app will find it and point it out.

Contacts Sync and Transfer is a very useful tool for anyone preparing to transfer contacts between platforms or services, or who uses multiple platforms actively and needs to keep their contacts synced up -- and avoid duplicates. The app is fast, free and easy to use, and integrates perfectly with iOS -- a must have for any power iPhone user.

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