Review: Color Text Messages helps create colored and image-based messages

Create customized image-based and colored background text messages for your iPhone.

Color Text Messages lets you change the background image, font style and color, and more before sending a text message. By creating a small image of text that you can tweak with numerous options, you can adjust and then copy/paste the message directly into your SMS or e-mail, ensuring it looks exactly as it did in the app.

When you open Color Text Messages there are quite a few options onscreen. To start you must enter the text you want to send. Then you can use the random button on the right to create a random text effect, or sort through the large list of options at the bottom. The options include font styles, background colors and textures, font colors, and a few special effects. While some options don't look very good together, others look amazing and they can all be sent as text messages by tapping the clipboard button and then opening your text messaging app. Combined with sharing tools for the major social networks and mail apps, you can send these customized messages to anyone on your contacts list with ease.

Color Text Messages doesn't always create the most attractive messages for your texts, so you'll need to sort through options and test a few combinations; but when tweaked just right, the resulting images look pretty good. If you are interested in sending text messages that do more than just convey information, this app will allow you to do so. Despite its clunky interface and graphical limitations, it does some very cool things.

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