Review: Colors Symbols Keyboard makes copying and pasting emoji art easy

Find and share emoji art through text messages, Facebook, and more with this easy-to-use app.

Colors Symbol Keyboard is a fantastic database of emoji text art that you can easily copy and paste into any of your iPhone's messaging apps. Categorized for easy browsing and loaded with numerous options, this app will allow you to customize your messages without spending hours looking up and mastering ASCII art with your touchscreen keyboard.

When you open the app you'll find a list of different types of emoji emoticons. From table-style text to happy faces, kisses, shy faces, and more, you can choose from any of them and, with one quick tap, immediately add them to your clipboard to paste and share with friends in text messages, on Facebook, or in e-mail. There is also a composer if you want to create and save your own for future access, and you can favorite specific emojis for quicker access later if you use them frequently. The app doesn't offer online sharing or rating tools, but by streamlining the creation and copying of your favorite text art on one screen, it becomes much easier to use on a regular basis.

If you are interested in creating or using text art in your text messages or in any other messaging app you have on your phone, Color Symbols Keyboard is a great app to have. It offers a good library of text art, and with the option to create and add your own for quick access later, you can have a more robust collection of items to express your every mood or just dress up your notes.

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