Review: Collaged is a straightforward collage creator with photo editing options

Take, add, and edit photos in one of a handful of common collage patterns.

Collaged offers a number of collage creation tools for your iPhone, but doesn't go much deeper than the vast number of other very similar apps on the App Store. Collages are easy to create, adding images is fast and straightforward, and the inclusion of Aviary editing tools makes it easy to tweak and adjust your images as needed; but the app is still just another collage creation tool with little to differentiate it from dozens of others.

When you open Collaged for the first time, you can choose a collage format to use for your images. You can then add images, and adjust them with a number of tools, including rotating, zooming in, and editing with Aviary. Other options are available but will require a paid upgrade before use. While the app doesn't offer anything new that other collage apps don't already have, the tools included here are quite fast and responsive. In fact, we were quite impressed with how fast images loaded and how quickly we could edit and return images to the collage. It's not as good as a native editing interface, but it's very close.

If you need a collage creation app and don't already have one, Collaged will get the job done without intrusive ads or slow load times. The trial restrictions can be frustrating because most of those gated tools are available in some other free apps, but the free tools are decent and the load time and processing are very quick.

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