Review: Cliff Diving 3D is almost too difficult but ultimately very rewarding

Hit the dive buttons just right to land perfectly in this diving app.

Cliff Diving 3D is a challenging game with a number of quirks that make it even more challenging than it probably should be; but when done properly, it can also be immensely rewarding. From timing your jumps and spins to selecting and executing the right style of dive for each of the many levels you will attempt, Cliff Dive 3D is a game you can spend hours mastering.

The idea behind Cliff Diving 3D is that you will jump from a platform on a cliff and must time your spin just perfectly so you hit the water at the prescribed angle. You'll have instructions before jumping and must hit them correctly to get a score for your dive. The controls are precise but not forgiving so you'll belly flop, land on your back, and hit backwards more often than you do it right, for a few rounds as you acclimate. Despite the difficulty, the game is fair and when you get it down, there are tricks to get the accuracy just right. Graphically the game is a bit dated, with blurriness in some screens and washed out text in the tutorial, but everything runs crisply and the controls are spot on.

If you want a challenging game that only requires a couple of button presses, Cliff Diving 3D is worth checking out. This game is unique in many ways, challenging in many more, and only takes a few seconds to play, so it's a perfect free pick up and play option for your commute.

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