Review: Chicken Factory Free is a fun and challenging reflex game

Tap and slide chickens into the right box to sort them in this fast-moving iOS game.

Chicken Factory Free offers very straightforward gameplay that can be addictive in its ease of use, but ultimately lacks the depth needed to be a long term iOS game. The idea is that yellow and orange chicks will roll down the conveyor belt and must be sorted into one of two boxes. As the game progresses, the conveyor belt speeds up and you have to move faster. If you miss three of them or they fall off the conveyor belt, you lose -- though there are ways to pick up new lives along the way.

The game's premise is very basic, but as with most games of this sort, it picks up in speed and difficulty as it progresses and offers greater challenges as a result. The problem is that the game's basic premise never changes. You're always sorting chickens; and no matter how fast it gets, it's going to be roughly the same thing. Additionally, there are no clear instructions or guides for the game -- so getting started can be confusing for a first-time player, and the actual goal is never made explicitly clear in the menus.

Chicken Factory Free is an easy-to-play game that we could easily see being a bus or train time-killer when you're bored and don't want to think too much. The game lacks the depth of a more engaging iOS game but it makes up for it in replayability to some degree. This is not the greatest iOS game on the App Store, but it is a decent one worth checking out for free.

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