Review: Campground Challenge HD offers a great take on the resource-building app

Create campsites to generate money and resources as you move up levels.

Campground Challenge HD is a lot like the city and farm builders that are so popular on the App Store, but it brings a handful of new elements to the table that make it stand out in a number of ways. The result is an app that is engaging in short bursts without demanding your attention every hour on the hour to maintain success. For those without huge chunks of time to play, it's a more accessible game than some others in the genre.

When you first load Campground Challenge HD, you'll be walked through a number of tutorials showing you how to set up your campgrounds and work through the earliest content in the game. The iPad screen is really ideal for these segments because of text size and interface layout. On an iPhone, it's harder to see. What sets the game apart here is that the segments are levels. You have to build tents and collect money from them as you would in a city builder, but once you reach your goal, you move to the next level and a new challenge. It's a fun mix of real-time strategy and city builder that works well in app form.

Campground Challenge HD offers a great deal of depth in its dozens of levels and will guide you most of the way as you learn new mechanics. The interface is still not great, even with the larger screen; but combined with the tutorials, it is a solid, entertaining take on the genre that is perfect for those without a ton of extra time on their hands.

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