Review: Campground Challenge is a unique, challenging iOS game

Build campsites, collect resources, and move in level in this unique iOS game.

Campground Challenge is an interesting game -- it doesn't look very polished at first glance, but after some time playing, you'll find a number of great ideas and engaging mechanics combining to create a very fun game. Where other "city builder"-style apps rely on the same basic tropes that dominate this industry, Campground Challenges pushes those boundaries to avoid the game devolving into a grind fest.

Like many Big Fish games, the interface and design are hard to work with on a small screen. Buttons are tiny, textures and graphics are often washed out, and it's hard to read the text. So the tutorial and early stages can be frustrating as you attempt to dig through menus and tutorial slides to figure out the game. Once you have, though, you'll find a clever take on the building style of app that has dominated the App Store for so many months. While you are building campsites and growing your character's experience to some degree, each campsite is a sort of micro-level with a specific challenge, so you will build your way up to more challenging, time-consuming play, later.

As a result of this hybrid take on the genre, there is a lot to do, but never do you feel that turning the app off for a few minutes will hurt your progress. It can be rewarding in small chunks, as much as in longer sessions, and there is a lot here to play through -- a great game for anyone who enjoys the genre.

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