Review: Bubbles Shooter is a fun, accessible iOS puzzler with issues

Looking past the tiny interface, Bubbles Shooter is an addictive and fun iOS puzzle game.

Bubbles Shooter takes a familiar formula and combines it with a few new features and gameplay elements to create a fun, challenge-filled version of the genre. While there are issues with the app, stemming from the layout and interface, at times, it generally plays very well and the actual game is as engaging and addictive as ever.

The idea behind Bubbles Shooter is elementary. There are a number of colored bubbles on the top of the screen. Match three or more and they will break apart and fall from the screen. Miss too many times and the bubbles start to move down. If they move down too fast, you lose, so you'll be pushing to clear the screen and run up your score as fast as possible. Combined with a handful of power-ups, fun game modes designed to make you play faster, and a well-executed theme for the game as a whole, Bubbles Shooter is a fun, engaging, and generally well-made app. The major issues we had were with small menu buttons, unclear interface options, and controls that were not always 100 percent responsive.

Bubbles Shooter plays very well, but does have some issues when navigating menus or sorting through options before starting a new level. If you can get past these problems, it is a fun, modern take on a classic-style game that will keep you busy for hours on end. It's not the best version of this type of app, but it does quite well and is free, making it accessible for all new players.

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