Review: A2Z Contacts offers a number of extra features for managing contact lists

Edit, interact with, and group your contacts in this feature-rich app.

A2Z Contacts Free at first doesn't look like much, but beyond the Apple-style contact interface are numerous added features to track, update, group, and manage your contacts. Where Apple's contact book leaves off, A2Z picks up, and despite a small ad at the base, the free version is loaded with features that give you much greater control over the people in your contact list.

When you load the app for the first time, you'll see your standard contacts list, though it will tell you exactly where each contact is saved -- especially useful if you have multiple contact sources like Google, Apple, and Facebook. You can then edit a contact, load one and send them a message through SMS, mail or Facebook directly, or you can start grouping and customizing contacts with labels. While many of these features will feel like overkill for someone with less than 200 people in their contact list, power-users will love what they find. The ability to custom group, save, and filter contacts, check anniversaries, sync with Gmail, send group texts, e-mails, and more is very useful.

Whether you are sending photos of your children to a large family or have 1,000 contacts in your address book for sales follow-ups, A2Z is a powerful, free contact management tool that enhances your access and management capabilities over your contacts many times over. This is definitely a must-have app for anyone who uses their iPhone extensively for business.

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