Review: Make JPEG droplet for Mac converts all images in a folder into smaller JPEGs

Convert batches of compatible image files into smaller JPEGs without using an image editor.

Make JPEG droplet for Mac allows users to quickly convert multiple images into smaller-size JPEGs. This app is really easy to use, and while slightly limited, it could prove to be a lifesaver to users who need to quickly convert batches of larger images or images in different formats into smaller JPEG files in order to quickly share them online or upload them to the Web.

Make JPEG droplet for Mac unzips into a folder containing three icons named "Jpeg 60," "Jpeg 80," and "Jpeg 100," respectively, with no documentation, making it unclear as to how the program functions at first. However, after a moment everything becomes much clearer. Clicking any of the icons automatically opens the Finder, where users may select a folder for conversion. Alternatively, users may drag and drop images into the application for conversion and compression. Compression quality depends on which of the three sizes the user selects to convert the images, slightly limiting the functionality of the application. The application output saves to the existing folder with no information given to the user as to when the application has completed the conversion. However, during testing the conversion of multiple PNG files into JPEGs completed very quickly and the results looked just as good as the original.

Even though slightly limiting and minimalistic in features, Make JPEG droplet for Mac seems promising and may prove useful to users who frequently need to convert batches of images into smaller JPEG files, allowing them to do so without losing too much time and without the need to use any type of image editor.

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