Review: View images of people surfing the Web with Internet Photo Project for Mac

See Webcam images from others and upload your own using Internet Photo Project for Mac.

Internet Photo Project for Mac is an interesting app that lets you view Webcam images of others surfing the Web, from all around the globe. It also allows you to upload and share your own photos.

Internet Photo Project's main window has a great design and layout. It displays thumbnail images uploaded from users' Webcams, set on a black background. The images, themselves, are interesting, with many posing in different ways to make the experience more intriguing. You just have to click the "More" button to keep populating the window with new images. There are no labels on the photos, which is slightly disappointing, but the program does, literally, give you a snapshot of other users sharing their Webcam images. With one click, you can bring up your Webcam from within the program, which immediately brings the image into the program, seamlessly.

For those interested in sharing the Internet experience with other users via basic Webcam images, Internet Photo Project for Mac offers an intriguing, albeit limited, way to do so.

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