Review: Video Downloader & Media Player offers cool download features

Download files from Web sites or a remote server to your iOS device.

Video Downloader & Media Player offers a number of ways to download media files from Web sites and remote servers to your iOS device; and while these functions work well, there are issues with speed and performance. How much this impacts your ability to use the app will depend almost entirely on what you want to download and from where. For those with minimal needs or a remote server connection, it works quite well.

After opening Video Downloader & Media Player you'll be prompted multiple times to download other apps or upgrade this one. None of the upgrades are necessary, however, and the prompts tend to get in the way of actually using the tools included without upgrading. The interface is decent, featuring a browser window, download list, remote server connection tool, and a document browsing menu to see all of the files you have downloaded or added to the app's library. These actually work quickly, but when trying to load a new Web site in the browser or connect to a remote server we experienced significant slowdowns -- sometimes three or four times longer than it took to load the same site in Safari.

While Video Downloader & Media Player works well to find and download files, the performance issues, pop-up reminders, and ads can present obstacles to actually finding and downloading the files you are looking for. If you plan on only downloading a handful of files or connecting to a remote server, however, this works very well.

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