Review: the photobook offers a huge array of customizable options for photo books

Despite some performance issues, the photobook is a great app for creating custom photo books and collages.

The photobook is a very well-made app with a number of useful, fun features to create custom photo books or get prints of your photos and books on your iOS device. The major issue you'll run into when using the photobook is not the functions or features of the app, but the at-times slow load speed when selecting a layout, choosing photos from your library, or finalizing the layout of a new photo book.

When you open the photobook you immediately notice the sleek, laid-back design of the interface. It's easy to find what you're looking for, navigate the different layouts, and find your photos. You can immediately start a new photo book and then choose which pages you want it to include by tapping on any of the options presented onscreen. From there, you select however many photos are needed to fill in the spaces on that page. It's all very easy to use, but there were slowdowns in loading new pages for the photobook or selecting the images that would be included on those pages.

If you are interested in creating a book of photos with multiple collages, or if you would like to take your photos with you on your phone in an easy-to-review format, the photobook is a great app. You'll need some patience as you wait on the app, but otherwise, this app is something you'll enjoy using.

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