Review: Signmatic automates creating personalized signs with your iOS device

Snap photos, edit text, and customize meme-worthy signs on your device.

Signmatic takes a number of popular, meme-worthy signs and makes them customizable with your own photos, text, and more. The result is a fun and feature-rich app that, while occasionally hard to navigate, is very rewarding and offers significant depth. Whether you want to create a fun image to upload on Facebook or something more serious for use on a Web site or to send to a friend, this app can help you do it.

When you open the app for the first time, there are numerous onscreen guides to show you where features are and how to use them. These guides are useful and probably streamline the use of the app quite a bit, especially the first time you open it; but because of the still messy interface, the lack of distinct instructions and steps on the screen after the initial tutorial, and the at-times clunky response you get when tapping text or elements onscreen for editing, the app suffers to some degree. It's a shame in some ways because you can create quite a few fun signs here, from "Keep Calm"-style signs to chalkboard signs, whiteboards, and road signs.

Signmatic is a good app made unnecessarily hard to operate by a clunky interface. The app is free, however, and if you want to make something basic, it is still fairly easy to do so by following the onscreen guides. It might take longer than you'd like, but the resulting images look great.

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