Review: Photo Montage Free is an often unresponsive montage creator for iOS

Take and open photos to a montage that is often unresponsive.

Photo Montage Free initially appears to be an effective app, but with numerous performance-related issues, it struggles mightily in execution. Designed to create montages with your photos, along with a number of editing tools, unfortunately the app often freezes up, buttons don't respond to your taps, and your changes can be lost if you don't agree to save images while in progress.

When you load Photo Montage you can choose to load images from your library, take new ones, download them from the Web, or open an existing montage. After some basic cropping and editing, you can drop your photo into the montage. At this point, we experienced slowdowns and freezes more than once with buttons not working or requiring multiple taps, which would lead to other issues entirely like exiting to the home screen. When the app worked properly, montages looked good and there were a fair number of editing tools. Combined with a decent share menu, the app has the potential to be very good. But small buttons, unresponsive touch controls, and poor performance currently hold it back.

Photo Montage Free has great potential, but in its current form it offers more frustrations than it does rewarding features and tools. If you are eager to create montages on your iPhone, there are many other apps that work faster and more effectively that are also free.

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