Review: InstaEyes adds cat eyes to any photo with a quick filter, but few editing options

Filter your photos to transition to one of four cat eyes in this free, easy-to-use app.

InstaEyes is a colorful app, loaded with slick-looking graphics and buttons, but at its core it does nothing more than apply a single filter to your images. That filter adds one of a selection of cat eyes to the image, creating a transitional effect. The effect is good and can look very cool with some practice; but without editing options, few eye choices without a paid upgrade, and a rigid filter that won't adjust for distance of your subject, the app is at times very frustrating.

When you start InstaEyes, you'll be prompted to choose one of four cat eye styles. You can choose to buy more, as well, but they are generally all very similar, only offering small changes. After you choose a filter, you can take a photo and match it to those eyes by moving the onscreen guide over the eyes of your subject. The app then fades the eyes between the cat and your subject, creating a sometimes fun resulting image. But it's not easy to get it lined up just right, there are no editing options, and the frequency of upgrade requests can get cumbersome.

InstaEyes does what it promises fairly well, but with the lack of depth here, a plethora of ads and upgrade reminders, and an inability to edit beyond the core functions it offers, this app could use a number of upgrades. It's free in this iteration, however, so if you want to put together a couple of cat eye photos, this is worth a try.

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