Review: Dreamplay offers a plethora of editing and filtering options for your videos

Snap, edit, and share your videos from a single app with numerous options to make it just right.

Dreamplay is a feature-rich video editing and sharing tool that offers numerous ways to help you get the right effect for your videos. The app is quick and easy to set up, requires little previous video capture knowledge, and there are several integrated tools that will streamline the addition of filters, still frames, text, and music. In short, it's a touchscreen-friendly video editing tool that works wonders.

When you start Dreamplay for the first time, you'll be prompted to create an account, but you shouldn't let this put you off. While the app has a lot of tools on offer, it is a social network at heart with sharing between users, so account creation is mandatory. After doing so, you can choose to record new video or you can gather clips from your library, including photos and videos. The app will put them together, but you can also mark on the timeline where to cut bits of video, move the items around to get them in the right order, add music, text, and other effects, and run your videos through filters. The whole process works quite well and the results were fairly impressive.

What makes Dreamplay so effective, however, is that it is a single, step-by-step process. So even those with little or no experience creating videos on their phone can use Dreamplay to record, edit, and share their moments with the world. While the account requirements may be a turn off for some, those who enjoy sharing will have a lot of fun with this app and the tools are robust enough that you can do some incredible things here.

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