Review: Dangerous Zombie Free is a clever (and gruesome) twist on an old favorite

Swipe to shoot zombies, ricochet shots into other zombies, and clear the screen.

Dangerous Zombie Free, despite its dated graphics and clunky interface, is a finely-made game with a lot of depth and generally very good physics. The idea of the game is to swipe a zombie onscreen and shoot a throwing start at it. The star will take out that zombie, but then ricochet off of whatever surfaces are present and hit anything else in its path. Your goal is to get every zombie onscreen with one shot.

The game plays with this mechanic in many ways, from Rube Goldberg-like puzzles to stars and other power-ups you can snag onscreen with a well-aimed shot. The major obstacle in this game is not the gameplay but the smaller screen size, sometimes-dated looking graphics, and occasional slowdowns in play. The app feels like it was made for an older generation of iPhone, which can hurt in some instances, but the gameplay, itself, is very solid and the depth here when moving forward to new levels is fantastic.

If you enjoy short games for your iPhone that are easy to pick up and play, and you are a zombie fan, check out Dangerous Zombie Free. There are some issues to be sure, but under all of them is a very well-made, very fun app that will keep you busy for some time.

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