Review: Cameragram uses active, instant filters to adjust photos/videos in real time

Convert and filter your images and videos in real time with numerous filters.

Cameragram is like an Instagram filter for your videos, but with more varied filters to choose from. This app is loaded with options and because it shows all of those effects in real time as you record, it's easy to see how the final image will look. Many apps fail to do this so it's nice to have one that will allow you to run the filters in real time without slowing down the app.

When you open Cameragram, you can start editing photos and videos right away or you can choose a filter and start recording. While the app appears to be designed for videos, it works equally well for photos -- so you can switch between modes quickly and easily. Editing tools are not as deep here as they are for some other video capture apps, but because of how well the basic functions work, Cameragram easily stands on its own merits as a video filtering app.

If you are eager to create videos with various special effects and don't want to worry about rendering time, transitional time, and other effects that might slow down your phone, eat up your battery, or not work properly, download Cameragram. It's impressive what the developers have been able to integrate here without any performance issues and the resulting videos look very good and are quick and easy to share.

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