Review: Batch Resizer quickly resizes any number of images on your device

Convert, resize, and share numerous photos at once, quickly and easily, on your iOS device.

Batch Resizer is very useful if you plan on sending a large number of images from your phone to someone via e-mail. By default, images taken with the iPhone's camera are quite large -- often upwards of 2.5MB each. That means it only takes eight of them to max out the attachment limit in some mail apps. It can also eat up some of your bandwidth on your data plan if you are out of the house. With Batch Resizer you can shrink those images and share them easily.

Batch Resizer doesn't direct you as well as it could when opened for the first time, but it only offers a single feature, so you'll be on your way in just a moment once you find the resizing menu. From there you can select as many images as you want from an album on your phone, then tap the resize button, and choose which size you'd like to shrink them, too. It helps by showing the percentage difference when shrinking and how much screen space it will take up. After resizing you can share via e-mail or save to your camera roll. In all of our tests, batches resized very quickly, with the largest batch of 25 images only taking 15 seconds.

For this reason, Batch Resizer is a great free tool for your phone. If you take a lot of photos and want to share them via e-mail without using up bandwidth or filling someone's inbox, download Batch Resizer.

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