Review: Banana Camera is a finely-polished, fun-to-use camera app

Take and customize photos in a number of ways in this colorful multipurpose camera app.

Banana Camera is one of the better made camera apps we've seen in quite some time, combining a fun, playful style with well-executed technical features. The result is an app that is fun to use, offers numerous filters and editing tools, and allows you to quickly and easily share your images with nearly anyone on your contact list.

Banana Camera is designed as a camera app, integrating numerous features to the home screen, including the much desired but often missing timer. You can change functions like the timer, filters, and more, or you can snap your photo and start editing. The editing screen gives you access to a wealth of slick looking fonts to add text, as well as coloring filters and stickers featuring the app's mascot -- a banana, of course. Every function is clearly labeled, very responsive, and loaded with options to make the process of editing your photos as easy a possible. When done, you can save them, share them, or put them aside for future editing.

Banana Camera is a great app. It is loaded with features, is easy to use, and it looks very polished. If you are looking for a free, high-quality photo taking and editing app for your iPhone, this is one to check out. While sharing is not universal and some of the editing tools are locked pending a paid upgrade, this is one of the better free tool suites you'll find on the App Store.

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