Review: Animal Ludo - Fly Chess is cute but lacks direction

Roll dice and compete against your friends or the computer in this colorful but roughly-made version of Ludo.

Animal Ludo combines farm animals and fun, colorful themes with a very popular free game, but unfortunately is not quite polished enough. The game, itself, works fine but the small graphics, hard-to-see game board, and lack of direction for those who have not played before can be frustrating in an app that seems designed to appeal to children.

When you open Animal Ludo, you can start playing immediately by tapping the "Play" button. There are no other options here other than checking Game Center integration. Once you've started, you can select whether a player will be human or AI and then start the game. The game does allow you to change what number rolls you can move a piece with, but at no point does it provide a tutorial or description of what you should be doing. Yes it is elementary, but not everyone knows how to play and when it is automated to this degree, it can be frustrating, trying to determine what step to take next.

Animal Ludo runs well, despite its issues, so if you enjoy Ludo, don't mind the smaller graphics, and are willing to deal with the rudimentary interface, the app will work. But there are better, easier-to-use, and ultimately more fun Ludo apps on the App Store.

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