Review: Avira Free Android Security 2.0

A no-nonsense on-demand protection and free remote device manager for Android.

Avira Android Security is a protection app for Android devices with several security features and preventative tools to better manage your phone, whether you have it on hand or not.

To get the most out of Avira's mobile security app, as well as many others, Android Security requests that you register for an account. As security programs gear more toward the remote device management territory, it's become more or less a standard process now. Don't be surprised to see desktop apps opting for the same.

When you first log in and open Avira, you'll notice that it's pretty bare bones and sparse, but then again, it's meant to be a utility (and the last thing you'd want is an over-complicated mess on a mobile device.)

Anti-virus mode works like its PC counterpart: it'll scan all your phone's internal folders and directories for infected or malicious files and display the results at the end. Our test device took an average three minutes and 46 seconds to finish scanning.

Blacklist mode is more or less as it sounds: it's a custom filter to block incoming calls and messages from multiple levels, whether by contact, call log, SMS, or even your own custom profile.

The last big chunk of Avira's mobile features is actually found on the web on Avira's Android site, where you can access a console that lets you send various commands to your phone. This is where you'll be able to trigger phone alarms, remotely wipe your data, locate your device, and more. It follows the same color scheme as the Android app, making your experience relatively consistent across devices.

Though the app's core features are standard, we can't help but feel that the current design is a bit dated. The gray color scheme, the old scroll icons, and the overall interface seems a bit reminiscent of the older Gingerbread days of Android. And though this doesn't necessarily hurt the performance of the app, itself, it causes the app to be out of sight, out of mind, or forgettable... which is fine for the hands off aspect of the anti-virus, but one can come to quickly forget that the app, itself, is also a powerful device manager that deserves more attention than one would first imagine.

With that said, it doesn't hurt to have a little security, so if your Android device is unprotected, take this one for a spin. After all, it doesn't cost a dime but it could potentially save you a pretty penny in the long run.

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