Review: Collage Camera App makes creating collages easier on the iPad

Point, snap, and shoot to create collages on your iPad's larger screen.

Collage Camera App is no different than most other collage apps on the App Store -- except that it successfully utilizes the iPad's larger screen to streamline creation of new collages. You can tap and shoot pictures directly onscreen and then easily create your collage; and while it offers no editing tools, the app works quite well for what it offers.

When you first open Collage Camera App, you'll be presented with a blank screen and four slots where photos can be taken. Tap any of those slots and then take your photo to add an image. Alternately, you can load an image from your photo library. After loading images, you can add more spaces onscreen to make a larger collage or hit "Make Collage," which processes everything so you can share it. When done, you can send to Facebook or e-mail it to someone. There are no editing tools, no settings for size and formatting of your images, and only two sharing options. All of this is frustrating if you've used another more powerful collage creator for your iPhone, but performance is very solid here, making it a useful app for those who just want an easy way to create a straightforward collage.

Collage Camera App is not a powerful photo editor, but when you need to create a quick collage and want a larger screen to see what you're adding and how it is cropped on your iPad, this is a good, solid app to download.

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