Review: YxPlayer Free plays cloud, Web, and phone media from one app

Connect to your various storage accounts and play media files in a single interface.

YxPlayer is designed to connect with your cloud and local media applications to load and play videos, music, and more in a single app. While it works as intended, the interface is cumbersome and sometimes confusing, making it hard to find and use all of the more robust features and tools included in the app. However, if you can overcome the sometimes strict learning curve, there is a lot here to like.

After loading YxPlayer for the first time, you can start connecting with outside accounts. The music player will immediately pull from your Music Library, with the added benefit of a visual player. You can also connect with Samba, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, all of which will load an interface to find and open files in YxPlayer. The verification process works well for all of them, though we experienced some issues with the Google Drive interface and verification. With the added ability to load local files to the app, and bookmark your favorites, as well as tools like TV Out, QuickTime Support, and Parental Controls, there is a lot here to like.

The biggest issue with YxPlayer is the organization of its features. Finding the tools you need is not always easy and navigating between all those menus without instruction can be frustrating. If you do it, though, this app is a useful tool for managing a diverse media collection. For those that don't like figuring things out on their own, it's probably best to skip this app.

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