Review: Word Trick Free is a familiar take on the word game formula

Compete against friends with word game puzzles over Facebook.

Word Trick Free is very similar to other word games like Words with Friends, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing as it is loaded with features, runs smoothly, and integrates with your social networks. This makes it easy to connect with other players, start games, and keep track of scores while on the go. For those looking to find another word game other than the classic "with Friends" brand, this is a good one to consider.

When you open Word Trick Free you'll need to run through the usual sign-up gauntlet, connecting to Facebook, adding friends, connecting with contacts, and starting games. However, Word Trick Free offers an option some others in this category do not -- the ability to pass and play so that you don't need to connect online to play games. Additionally, the game doesn't lock how many games you can play because it is ad supported. You can remove ads with a payment, but they are not intrusive and the game runs very smoothly, even when connecting to other players. In fact, this may be one of the smoothest P2P multiplayer games we've tested in recent months for iOS.

Word Trick Free is a familiar formula -- the game is almost no different from other word game competition apps like it -- but if you want something different from Words with Friends, this app is quick, connects to Facebook, and offers offline gameplay. Overall it's a very fine execution of the same functions as other apps in the genre.

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