Review: Word Lookup Free offers anagram completion and common word lists

Search for and complete words based on your letters in popular word games.

Word Lookup Free solves the problem of trying to figure out how best to use a collection of letters in a word game -- all within a single app. With an anagram search and solve tool, a list of all two-letter words and top three-letter words, along with vowels, Y-words, Q-U words, and highest-scoring words, this is the ultimate companion for anyone who plays a lot of Words with Friends.

Whether you want to get the high score or just want to practice and memorize letters and words that will help you in the future, there is a lot to like about Word Lookup Free. After opening, you can enter the letters on your rack and the app will give you a list of possible words, organized by length and with a point total next to it. You can even tap on that word to get a quick definition from Wiktionary, so you're not just practicing, you're learning what these words mean and growing your vocabulary. The tool is quick and easy to use and includes just about everything you could need to check or look up words while playing a game.

If you play a lot of Words with Friends or another similar game with letters on a tile rack, then Word Lookup Free is a useful tool to have on your phone. While it's up to you to handle the temptation to cheat, if nothing else this app will help you grow your vocabulary over time and get better at these games.

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