Review: What's My Picture connects you and your friends in a picture guessing game

Share images and guess those of your friends and family in this Facebook-integrated game.

What's My Picture is a fun and unique new app that integrates with your Facebook account and allows you to connect with and compete against fellow users. The goal of the app is to take and share photos with friends through the game interface and prompt them to guess what the image is. It's a sort of take on Draw Something, but with real photos in a chat-style interface, and it works quite well.

Initial setup for What's My Picture is a bit time-consuming. While it connects with Facebook, you'll also need to sign up for an account through the app's servers, which requires two separate setup steps. Once you are done, however, you can invite any of your Facebook friends and start playing the game with them, taking photos, sharing them, and engaging people through photo taking. Because you can snap photos from within the app and send them nearly instantly, there is little lag between turns; and while the "winning" condition is really dependent on how you play, the social components are very well implemented.

While What's My Picture is a new app that could use some work to speed up registration, transfer time, and a few other interface components that slow down the experience, overall it is a very good app that is fun and finds a new and exciting way to engage Facebook friends from long distances.

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