Review: WeatherCast HD Free is a fast loading, single screen weather app

Check the weather in numerous locations, quickly and easily.

WeatherCast HD Free is a bare-bones weather app that loads quickly and provides all of the basic information you'll need for multiple locations. While anyone accustomed to the in-depth data provided by some other weather apps is likely to be disappointed by how much information is provided here, the speed of the app and cleanliness of the information display will appeal to just as many users.

After installation, you can open WeatherCast HD Free and immediately check the weather for your current location. The app was off slightly on location when we first tested it, but you can add new locations with the search box fairly easily. You will also need to change the temperature settings if you are in the U.S. as it defaults to Celsius and metric measurements. However, everything you need is listed in a single box on the home screen and because you can add new locations, sliding between them is easy and very fast. Load times here are nearly nonexistent.

If you want a weather app that provides only the basic information you need, without any bells and whistles, with ads that don't block the screen, and without videos and other map information that can slow down or crash the app, WeatherCast HD Free is a good app. Just don't expect the plethora of data that some other apps offer.

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