Review: Wallpapers HD offers dozens of high-quality wallpaper files

Download and install wallpapers from this app to your iOS device.

Wallpapers HD offers a large database of wallpapers you can add to your phone, tablet, or iPod touch. The search interface is easy to use, the wallpapers can be sorted by date or popularity, and we were able to find hundreds of options in a library that loaded quickly and downloaded fast to the device. While there is a definite tilt toward movies, celebrities, and other pop culture references, the volume of options is large.

When you first open Wallpapers HD, you will be shown the most recent wallpapers in the library. You can switch to Popular or Random, as well, or you can change the category at the bottom of the screen to see a specific set of wallpapers. Tap on any one wallpaper and you can either Download, Rate, or Share that wallpaper with other users. Sliding between them when browsing is also easy and each photo loads quickly. The resolution on each image is high, as well, meaning they look good on retina display iPads as well as iPhones, without any blurring or cropping issues.

If you are looking for new wallpapers and would prefer not to browse in Safari, Wallpapers HD has a large, easy-to-browse library that works well on both iPads and iPhones and iPods. In terms of raw content, you're getting a large selection, easy browsing, and more from a single interface.

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